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Red Radish have quickly become one of Europe's fastest growing catering companies and an established favourite within the world of film, TV, touring & festival food. Originally founded in 2005 on the French Riviera by husband and wife team Wayne and Lucy Brown, they have since spread their wings and have operated in over fifty countries in the last three years alone. We are the perfect choice for all your crew catering, backstage, artist and tour requirements and whilst we love a British festival field, we are always exited to be hitting the road and have recently travelled as far as Israel with Cirque du Soleil. Our crew and chefs have catered in most major European stadiums and in 2016 we even rolled our flight cases across over to Kazakhstan with BBC Top Gear. It has been a huge adventure so far and we can't wait to see what exciting event finds Red Radish next!

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Outside Broadcast Location Catering for the BBC

If there are two things we really love about  August on the festival circuit they have to be Carfest Festival and the loveable Pudsey Bear. We love catering for a happy crew and when the main artist (no offence Chris!) turns out to be a bear we really like to push the catering boat out for this BBC megastar.
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Crew Catering at Boomtown Festival, Hampshire.

Festival crew catering is never the easiest thing we do, so when a gig comes up where you need to be on site for six weeks and across two separate catering locations the challenges were always going to be just a little bigger than usual and especially when dealing with the great British weather.

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LUCY (Louise) Brown

Chef #1
favourite food – Tacos & Tequila
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Head Radish
Last Meal – Fish & Chips

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