Feeding the 5000

One of our greatest adventures in 2017 was heading down to Kent… that doesn’t sound very adventurous I hear you say, but we were there to literally feed the 5000. One of the leading providers of shared workspace contacted us to invite us along to their annual summer camp, a corporate away weekend of the best kind.

1000s of their staff flocked to a huge country estate outside Tunbridge Wells to drink, camp, dance (to Florence and the Machine and Two Door Cinema Club nonetheless), and most importantly – in our eyes anyway – to eat.

We served up breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner over 4 days, plus we provided the late-night revellers a street food extravaganza. Between our mighty mac n cheese stand and some tasty Mexican options no one want hungry after grooving the night away.

Looking back, it’s incredible how much fun we had and how much food we cooked, to put it into perspective here are some fun facts:

  • The guests used enough cutlery to stretch the length of Manhattan Island
  • 53kg of Edam cheese was consumed, that’s approximately the same weight as a cheetah
  • Our Red Radish team was made up of enough catering staff to create 11 football/soccer teams
  • The amount of tomato ketchup used is equivalent to the weight of a grand piano
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away, our guests ate more than 4000