How does the ordering work and when do you need the splits by?

The tailored menu for each shoot/TX will be sent in advance. The 14 major allergens will be specified on the menu, allowing you to allocate the correct meal to anyone with dietary requirements. We will need the breakdown/split 48-72 hours before each shoot. In terms of breakdown, for dinner for example, we will just need to know how many of each main course (i.e. 40 Lasagne, 20 Sweet Potato Katsu). We will then send a selection of both desserts. On the majority of productions, they tend to order a split based on dietary information in hand and best guesses, rather than asking each crew member which dish they would like.


Do you cater for allergens and specific dietary requirements?

We are used to catering for a number of different dietary requirements. In terms of the menu, there will always be a meat and a vegetarian option available. If the vegetarian option is not vegan, a vegan alternative will be available. One of the options is usually always gluten free, but again, if its not, a gluten free alternative will be available. We will always try to help if anyone has more specific dietary requirements, so do get in touch.

Will the meals be labelled?

They will be labelled with the name of the dish and any of the 14 major allergens that are within the meal. For more specific requests, or for any allergy sufferers we can include the name of the person to reduce any confusion when distributing the meals.


Can we have a meat free menu?

Of course! This is something that's regularly requested by productions.


How are the meals packaged?

The meals are individually packaged. For lunch, each person will typically receive a Main, Side Salad & Dessert Box.

What packaging do you use?

All of our packaging is recyclable at a minimum. We use compostable products where possible (cutlery, salad boxes, dessert pots, napkins). Sadly for hot food, due the distance we opt to use recyclabe packaging for these meals to prevent the packaging breaking down en route and ultimately affecting the product.


When do you need delivery times by?

As we are a very busy production kitchen, with often a number of hotboxes going out on the same day and at similar times, we ask that the desired delivery times are sent across with the splits, a few days before each shoot. We do understand however that schedules do often change and will therefore always try to be as flexible as possible should you need to change the delivery times.

How are the meals delivered?

The meals are delivered in hot thermoboxes via one of our dedicated drivers at the requested time. We usually arrive 5/10 mins before requested and always look at each drop on a case by case basis to take into account traffic and road closures.


Will the food remain hot?

The thermoboxes we use are designed to lose 1-2 degrees per hour. To further protect the food from any drops in temperature, we use red hot plates that hold a temperature of 80 degrees. In short, the food we deliver will most definitely be hot.

How does the distribution of meals work?

Our driver will contact you when they have arrived at the location and someone is to meet them to collect the meals. The meals are then usually distributed by one of your team, for example a runner. We can of course provide hostess staff to distribute the meals at an additional cost, but this is rarely necessary as everything is labelled very clearly.

Are we able to hold onto the hotboxes?

If we are doing multiple meal drops, i.e. a lunch and a dinner, you can of course hold onto the lunch thermo boxes and we will then collect these with the dinner meal. Please note on the final delivery, all hotboxes will need to be collected. Our driver is able to wait up to 15 minutes for you to unload and return these. Alternatively, if you would like to keep onto these for any longer, we kindly ask production to arrange for these to be sent back via courier to our central kitchen.