About Us

Lucy Louise Brown is our executive-chef and master (food) shopper, who when not working marathon days in a field can usually be found running marathons on the street. Ex-GB windsurfing champion, Herefordian and confirmed lover of solitude, the vintage camper, and the great outdoors. Lucy loves the idea of wilderness, the place, as much as she loves Wilderness the Festival. In love with her job and being permanently on the road, she sees the ONLY drawback (apart from working with Wayne and missing the kids) as not being able to replace Roquet the dog who she lost last year.

Wayne Brown (The Radish) loves Lucy, their five kids, London, a bit of footie, a lot of food and a can or two of Thatcher’s to keep him sane at Glastonbury. He is a 4am riser, self-confessed workaholic-lunatic who inspired the Bob Marley classic, ‘I don’t want to work with Wayne no more’. A real Marmite-character who the Red Radish crew and chefs either love or hate, yet will freely admit is very rarely wrong when it comes to food and service. A cheeky barrow boy out the front, that turns into a cross between Basil Fawlty and Victor Meldrew at the slightest hint of anything being less than perfect in the kitchen.

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