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Stars of the screen love the Radish…

At the end of 2015 we bought a couple of catering trailers and went showbiz, starting work on the UK TV and film location catering circuit. It was a natural progression after our successes feeding crew and artists elsewhere and since then our reputation and portfolio has flourished.

A few years and a lot of jobs later, we now have a comprehensive TV and film catering operation. We provide a reliable and professional location catering service for a range of needs.

  • TV Catering
  • Film Catering
  • Commercials

If you’d like to enquire about your production then please get in touch. You can email us on [email protected], call 07532427033 or head to our contact us page.


Craft Services

As well as catering on set, we have a number of craft services available. As a result, we can provide creative solutions round the clock on set.

Red Radish has two fire trucks in its ranks, providing an adaptable and bespoke street food offering to suit any occasion.

The Red Radish Fire Dept. spends its summers touring the UK festival circuit, serving up their famous Mac & Cheese to the masses. When the season winds down, they can be found on set.

The Fire Dept. can help with day-to-day crew and cast food on location or on set, through to wrap parties, craft services or just an imaginative way of thanking everyone at the end of a long hard shoot.

Flexible & Reliable Location Catering

On long, tough days on set, we know how important meal times are to crews.

You can always expect to see new dishes rather than the same rotating menus. Our chefs are creative and our front of house staff friendly. Some of the productions we work on run for 6 months, so building relationships is key!

With timings, diets and locations always differing, we are happy to adapt to the varying needs of our clients. Our service can be tailored to the specific requirements of your production.

In our years of catering across festivals, TV, film and touring we’ve come across just about every demand there can be!

Some jobs we’ve worked on

We have some great feature films under our belts alongside a mix of TV and commercial catering contracts. For example, a few gigs we’ve worked on include: X-Factor, The BritsNetflix productions, BBC dramas including The Child in Time and Silent Witness, as well as travelling to Kazakhstan with Top Gear.

We’ve also worked on the UK launch of Australia’s #1 cooking programme, My Kitchen Rules, where we fed a whole host of talented chefs, including Raymond Blanc, Prue Leith and Michael Caines.

Click the IMDb link below to see more of our work.

Our Packaging

Coronavirus is presenting new challenges in location catering. With greater demand for individually packaged take-away style meals, we’ve updated our range of packaging.

We’re researching and testing various sturdy, recyclable consumables to make sure our food stays hot and secure. See some examples here.

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