Our Packaging

There’s now a greater demand for individually packaged meals due to coronavirus. Whether delivering food or using our mobile kitchen on site, location catering is likely to look a little different. It might involve advance ordering and a runner or diner collecting individually packed meals and eating elsewhere.

We’re currently researching the market to look at a new range of sturdy, recyclable consumables to make sure our food stays hot and secure. Just a small selection of what we have tested so far is shown below. Subject to availability and testing we will be looking to expand on this range over the next few weeks. Our main priority of course is that we can still supply our usual delicious food and that it stays fresh, hot and easy to eat.

Obviously all of this is changing daily. Hopefully we’ll be back on good old fashioned sustainable crockery and cutlery before we know it!





For more information about our COVID-19 procedures, read this blog.

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