Coronavirus safe catering and food delivery procedures

We’ve put together policies and procedures to ensure we can provide coronavirus safe catering.

We now have the experience and infrastructure to ensure we can operate within COVID-19 guidelines. As restrictions are gradually eased, caterers will have to adjust to new ways of working and Red Radish is doing just that. Having supplied food to St Mungo’s hotels for the homeless project and donated to a large network of our own, we’ve adapted to the challenges coronavirus has presented.

Coronavirus safe location catering

We can provide coronavirus safe catering on location from our mobile kitchens. With plenty of our own drivers and vans; we also have a delivery network that can safely deliver the food our chefs cook from our central kitchens.

The jobs we’ve been working on have been high volume. They’ve involved delivering to more than 20 locations daily. Many of these drops have been in coronavirus hotspots in London such as symptomatic hotels and NHS hospitals, both before and during the peak of the virus. We’re glad to say we’ve been able to cook and deliver these meals safely at all times under these difficult circumstances.

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Coronavirus policies and procedures

Due to the initial urgency of these projects, we had to respond rapidly. Back then, this was an unknown and there was very little information beyond the government guidance at the time. Since then, we’ve gained plenty of experience of what it takes to operate in this situation. It’s given us time to put together extensive and well-practiced COVID-19 procedures and policies. Not to mention the fact we’ve had nearly 50 crew working safely in this environment!

We don’t know how catering will have to adapt over the coming months. However, it’s likely events, offices, TV and film sets and studios will have strict new coronavirus safe catering requirements.

If you’re concerned about social distancing requirements, hygiene measures or the need for contactless food delivery, get in touch with us. We can also provide you a copy of our COVID-19 policy document upon request.

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