Catering during coronavirus: Mobile kitchen, packaged meals and contactless food delivery

We’re prepared for new ways of working when location catering during coronavirus.

Coronavirus is presenting new challenges for caterers, but we’re ready for new ways of working. We’re now delivering takeaway-style, individually packaged meals to over 20 locations around London every day. This is a model we can replicate elsewhere, and is just one way of coping with catering during coronavirus. We also have mobile kitchens which we can set up at a location to feed staff and crew. You’ll usually find our trailers on film and TV sets, but we’re expecting to put them to use at studios too.

As coronavirus restrictions are eased but measures remain in place, companies will be faced with unprecedented challenges when feeding their crew. There’s now an even greater emphasis on food hygiene and safety, social distancing and a considered approach to catering and dining.

When offices, film sets and TV studios reopen, canteens might remain closed or operating a reduced service. Even virtual events that have replaced festivals or gigs often need catering! For many, this situation will require a flexible catering service.

How we’re adapting our service

We already have plenty of location catering experience. If your film or TV production is stuck for how to cope with this, we can help out. Here are just some of the measures and services we have in place for catering during coronavirus:

  • Mobile kitchens
  • Staggered collections or meals distributed by runners
  • Social distancing measures for queuing and dining
  • Takeaway/individually packaged meals
  • Hot-box food delivery
  • Contactless food delivery
  • Extra hygiene measures for staff, facilities and vehicles

We can cook and deliver just about anything hot-in-hand to staff and crew at a location or cater on site from our mobile kitchens. Our COVID-19 policies and procedures ensure we maintain the high standards we always apply to our location catering and crew catering to these new conditions.

Red Radish can stretch to most jobs, whether location catering, corporate catering or a food delivery service. We’re a fully operational high volume independent contract caterer.

Read more about how we’re catering safely during coronavirus here. If you’d like a copy of our COVID-19 policy document, please get in touch.