Red Radish Hot Box Catering: Packaged meals and contactless food delivery service

We’ve adapted to a new way of catering since COVID and now provide packaged meals and contactless hot box food delivery.

  • Red Radish can now provide hot box catering for TV, film, commercials and more
  • We’ve adapted to COVID procedures having worked on jobs throughout the lockdown
  • We provide delicious individually packaged meals, in suitable disposables, and transported in hot boxes

Hot Box Catering: Our new way of working

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve had to adapt to a new way of working on a number of shoots. We now provide a hot box catering service, delivering fantastic food to your crew safely and responsibly.

We can cook and deliver just about anything hot-in-hand to staff and crew at a location or cater on site from our mobile kitchens and trucks. Our COVID-19 policies and procedures ensure we maintain the high standards we always apply to our location catering and crew catering to this new approach.


Individually packaged meals and contactless food delivery

Our food now comes in disposable packaging suited to deliveries and these new procedures. Meals are packed into hot boxes for transport and delivered safely by our drivers.

Having worked on several jobs of varying sizes since working within these conditions, we’ve already been able to tailor our menus to this way of catering. It’s important to us that our food remains top notch, no matter what, and we’re more than happy to provide references from our recent jobs to show that.

We’re creative and flexible with our menus and do everything we can to provide a bespoke service even in these challenging times.

Our COVID-19 policies and procedures

Location catering has understandably had to change, and we’ve been quick to put together extensive procedures to ensure we keep our team and our clients safe. Here are just some of the measures and services we have in place for catering during coronavirus:

  • Mobile kitchens
  • Staggered collections or meals distributed by runners
  • Social distancing measures for queuing and dining
  • Takeaway/individually packaged meals
  • Hot box food delivery
  • Contactless food delivery
  • Extra hygiene measures for staff, facilities and vehicles

If you’d like a copy of our COVID-19 policy document, please get in touch.

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