Glastonbury blues: Love the farm, miss that place

We’re reminiscing about years gone by and the magic of Worthy Farm.

By now we’d be well and truly settled in at a place we and so many others consider a home from home… Worthy Farm. Sadly, instead of a home from home, this year it’s #GlastoAtHome.

Glastonbury is a festival like no other, and everything from the familiar friendly faces to the spectacular setting makes it somewhere we hold so dear. With 2020 an impromptu fallow year, we’re gutted not to be there to feed the wonderful crew who work so hard to build and manage this incredible event.

Since 2013, there’s been busy Radishes on that sacred land. Spending weeks on site and seeing it go from farm, to build, to break, to farm again; Glasto is the humble Radish’s happy place every year. Rain or shine, mud bath or sun trap, there’s nowhere like it.



This time of the summer brings out the best in the festival community, and with the sun beating down and iconic sets playing on the radio this weekend, it’s hard not to feel nostalgic about years gone by.

Festival catering is at the heart of what we do at Red Radish, and Glastonbury epitomises it. We’ll have everything crossed that 2021 can go ahead – what a party that’ll be! Until then, Love and Peas.


Glasto fans across the country are holding their own mini festivals, and we’ve been doing a bit of tinkering at our place too. It’s quite the transformation! Watch this space for our own little nod to Glastonbury – a bit of a celebration for our amazing team, who have been locked down together and working so hard over the past three months. #WeAreNotWorthy

Find out more about our crew and artist catering on our festival catering page. For TV and film work, you can read more in our location catering section.

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