Tour Catering in Europe

When it comes to tour catering we like to feel we have got some pretty good experience of being on the road, working with brilliant artists and travelling from location to location. Our travels have seen us cover most of the arenas in Europe and some pretty iconic stadiums along the way, including a good few Olympic Arenas (Munich, Athens and Innsbruck), the 02 sponsored venues in Berlin, Dublin and Hamburg plus UK favourites, (yet another) O2 and Royal Albert Hall in London, Birmingham’s NEC, Manchester Arena, Sheffield Motorsport and the SSE Arena in Glasgow.

Tour Catering across Europe

Rolling our Red Radish flight cases off our trucks has become a bit of an art-form and we have to admit that is does end up being a bit of a break after generally spending nearly four months on the sometimes wet, UK festival circuit. The last couple of Septembers have seen us head off too Athens and the wonderful OAKA stadium where we are always chuffed to see our tour promoter mates at Lavris. This year they managed to get our entire show in to see Lady Gaga who was loading out, as we were loading-in! In fact, working with the promoters has been something we have enjoyed, and we pride ourselves on being totally self-sufficient and as little bother as possible. Live Nation in France, Spain, Norway, Denmark and Italy would certainly vouch for that, as would MLK in Germany and smaller but (still fantastic) promoters like ‘Everything is New’ in Portugal, ABC Productions in Switzerland, plus the guys in one of our favourite cities Minsk in Belarus!

tour catering London Royal Albert Hall

If you are looking for a change and want some great food, brilliant service from a tour catering company that ‘just gets on with it’ then drop us a mail at [email protected] or call +44 (0)7 532427033 today

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