Outside Broadcast Location Catering for the BBC

If there are two things we really love about  August on the festival circuit they have to be Carfest Festival and the loveable Pudsey Bear. We love catering for a happy crew and when the main artist (no offence Chris!) turns out to be a bear we really like to push the catering boat out for this BBC megastar.



What can I say? You’re a legend. Hope you are back home safe ‘en-France’ and have had a bit of time to recover from this year’s CarFest and the many other festivals Red Radish catered at!

We love your food, we love your style and we love you. Thanks for the discount per meal and also for your patience when we had under-booked enough meals for our staff. .

Calum is going to connect you with BBC Events but I will also keep you in mind for any future opportunities. Keen to spread the word about you and work together more.

 Best wishes,



I have just come back from CarFest over in Hampshire where Wayne and Lucy’s company Red Radish provided the incredible catering.

Wayne has just been put on the suppliers list at the BBC and for good reason, his staff are lovely and his food even lovelier. If you have any upcoming OB’s that need catering then I implore you to contact Wayne first and see what he can do, I can’t recommend him highly enough.

 The food is not your average beige Outside Broadcast food, it was tasty and healthy, just a few of the things I had over the week were BBQ Ribs, Stir Fried Pork Lettuce Wrap, Sunday roast and the most incredible Mac & Cheese at the after party.

Red Radish already has a huge following from some of the festivals he does at the moment like Glastonbury, Electric Picnic, Cirque De Soleil, Cannes Film Festival and Feastival.

We had a few complications with numbers at the event (from our side, under ordering) but nothing was too much of a bother for him to sort for us.

Calum Kean