Cupcake anyone?

A huge thank you!

Sorry it has taken me so long to “blog” but life was a little hectic over the weekend what with feeding and entertaining 50 friends and then moving out of our house at 10am the next day and so we have been recovering slowly! I want to say a big “thank you” to everyone who eventually came along on Saturday night to our house, and not to the beach in the end. It was a difficult decision to make as we were so disappointed to move the venue at the last minute but I have to say it was a good call as the weather turned sour.

The night was a huge success thanks to the crowd of people who showed up. Such an eclectic bunch, it was a joy for us to entertain you all in our house. Talking of entertaining I thought that Mike and Vonney were fantastic, thanks you guys for bringing your instruments and talent for us all to share.  Just wondering now how and when to do the next supper club.  We will post a date as soon as we have a plan so keep watching.

Now we are in Cannes and loving it.  The beach is a stone throw away and we are right in the middle of Le Suquet.  This is the place to “people watch” The character’s of Cannes are in abundance here in Le Suquet and my morning run is a lot of fun thanks to the joggers and “folk” I meet along the way.  When I lived in Bournemouth I used to run along the promenade a lot of the time and  there was a lady who used to pirouette between the two piers everyday, I think she was an ex-ballet dancer but I never thought I would see anything like that again until yesterday when I almost fell over watching an elderly gentleman ballroom dance in his speedo’s.  He was there at the beginning of my run and still 30 minutes later on the way back happily spinning around and around “toute sol” with not a care to who was watching, I’m going to love living here!

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