Experienced festival caterer, ideal for backstage, bands and crew

Hampton Court Palace Festival kicked off in true style last night as Liza Minnelli and her tour crew wowed the crowd at what has to be one of the most stunning event venue locations in London. Hundreds of guests picniced in the beautiful grounds as they literally prepared to ‘eat to the beat’, and despite the UK weather trying to ruin the party everything went exactly as the planners expected, and the crowd loved every minute right from the very first beat of this long standing London music festival. As well as having to cater for the great crew from PWR Events and their entire production team, Red Radish are also in charge of the artist catering for Ms Minnelli (and the rest of bands and artists) and her entourage at this ten night music extravaganza. Feeding tricky artist can sometimes be a challenge but Liza and her crew knew exactly what they wanted to eat and her Stage Manager, Matt Berman even gave Red Radish a mention in the ‘thank you fax’ he sent to PWR the next morning. Praise like that is hard to beat!

Our specialist mobile kitchen catering marquee sits nestled nicely in the heart of the Royal Palace next to the Royal Tennis Court. Tennis has been played at Hampton Court for almost as long as the Palace has stood there. Present knowledge suggests the first court was built in Tudor times by Cardinal Wolsey in the early 1500’s and it is one of the only courts in the world catering for spectators. We feel very lucky to have been chosen by PWR as the caterer for the crew and artists at this wonderful location and simply cannot wait for tonight’s artist Jools Holland who apparently has a couple of special guests who know EXACTLY what they want to eat!