Menu in the making

Sorry I have not put up the menu yet, I have had a busy week working in Cannes doing everything from catering to cleaning!  We have got two very beautiful “shabby chic” apartments in Le Suquet Cannes and have had a mad rush to get them ready for movie type people who are renting them from us.  A few teething problems were quickly ironed out and we now have very happy tennants! So happy in fact they have invited us along to the premiere of their new movie showing tonight in Cannes.  So with friends in tow, all dressed up in “glad-rags,” Cannes it will be tonight.

We are keeping everything crossed for the weather next Friday as our favorite place to party is at the end of our garden in Chateuneuf. Wayne, the scene-setter, will be hard at work from Wednesday ordering the staff (photo) around.  I will be putting the final touches to the menu and hopefully will post it tomorrow.  Bye for now and have a great Saturday! x

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