Park On My

I flew back to the UK early this morning to a family BBQ before I start work again tomorrow on a crew project for four the next days. It will be nice to see everyone but I am soon back in France on Thursday for a long spell of continuous work. I caught the mid-morning flight from Nice to Southampton with Flybe. They are often delayed but I have to say that it does seem nice not having to scrap for a decent seat for a change. The only issue I have with them is that seem to want to charge for literally every little extra including hand luggage which seems absolutely ridiculous to me in this day and age where they are trying to get folk to travel light.

The other thing I absolutely must share with all you commuters out there is this fantastic little website dedictaed to cheap airport parking. It is called Park on My Drive which is pretty much what it sounds. Basically you look on there for someone that lives near where you want to park, contact them and voila before you know it you are pitched up on their drive for your two week holiday to Barbados or your short little break down to Cannes. It really is great and I just had the most wonderful ‘hosts’ close to Southampton airport for the bargain rate of £5 per day which INCLUDED them dropping me off and picking me up from the airport.