Call me for a refund!

“Over a period of 2 weeks on a recent visit to South of France, Wayne and Lucy catered for my party of on average 12 people, for 10 nights.

Our pre agreed choices for a mixed aged party, including a number of children, were relatively basic with the prerequisite being good hearty food – Lasagne, Fish Pie, Curry, Chilli etc.

I work in an industry that takes me to all the best restaurants in the world and I can honestly say that appreciating the parameters of budget, choice, timings that we imposed, Lucy and Wayne out shone even our highest expectations on each and every evening. Wayne’s perception from his undoubted experience of what people want and Lucy’s ability to deliver that view were absolutely first class. It is unsurprising they have the reputation they have or have been asked to cook for the people they have, their observed communication skill as a pair, alike every successful double act, is enviable!

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this couple to anybody, regardless of holiday requirement and to have 2 just totally down to earth people, without any edge between them was utterly refreshing and an enjoyable experience.

Try them and if you’re disappointed post experience, call me for a refund!”

Adam Hughes
Head of Intermediary Sales
Neptune Investment Management¦3 Shortlands¦London W6

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