Festival Catering out in the Wilderness of Cornbury Park

We have to admit that (maybe because of our age!) The Wilderness Festival at Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire was quite possibly the 2014 crew-catering gig that we were looking forward to the most. Production catering at Glastonbury’s Shangri-La plus Lovebox, Global Gathering, and about a dozen others had been great, but there is only so much bass our ears can take these days and to be on location in such a tranquil setting was a real treat.

Tour Chefs

Wilderness had been billed as bit of a Poshstock for food lovers and whilst we are definitely not posh we are generally always prepared to walk over hot-coals for a good bit of grub! That coupled with some great grown-up music meant it was definitely one for us and it certainly did not disappoint on any level. It was our last festival of new series of four from new supplier Mama and Co and we were determined to go out with a bang after the success of Lovebox, Global Gathering and newbie festival Somersault down in Devon. Mama had been great to work with, so to end up in such a beautiful setting catering for the likes of stars such as Gregory Porter and Burt Baccarat (photographed below with Lucy Brown) made it a bit of a dream job.

Crew Catering by red Radish

Over the years we have been lucky enough to cook for a huge list celebs across a massive spectrum of legends including the likes of Sir Cliff Richard, The Beach Boys and Liza Minnelli through to Hollywood superstars including Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth and Robert Redford, and then more current heroes like Nas and David Guetta. In fact, you would never quite believe what we have seen on some of our more demanding artistic dressing room riders but being at Wilderness was definitely one of our special memories of a wonderful summer and one that we can’t wait to repeat in 2015!

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