Our Catering Crew visit the Electric Picnic Festival and get bleeding ears

Despite the noise music definitely one of our favourite festivals of 2012 was the Electric Picnic Festival located in Stradbally Ireland, about 50 miles south of Dublin. We packed up our mobile kitchen and flew down from Gatwick as soon as we had finished Carfest South. At the same time two of our crew drove down in our vans with all the catering equipment. Whilst this Festival was only a quick three day crew and backstage catering project the long hours made it pretty hard work to say the least, although we got through it pretty easily on a diet of great Bacardi Cocktails, dance music and also our own great food.

Due to the lack of hotels we had decided to camp on site and were grateful that the weather remained relatively kind (it was no South of France and a long way from our boutique bed and breakfast near Cannes) though. Our pitch was at least a twenty minute walk from our outside catering kitchen and it certainly made for an interesting stroll as we walked back sober(ish) amongst the drunken revellers and party people.

Electric Picnic is one of the biggest music festivals in Europe and we were charged with looking after the crew and artists at the infamous Casa Bacardi where a team of seemingly always hungry and very talented cocktail bar staff had set up to serve the thousands of thirsty festival goers. The set built by the talented crew from Capitalize London was nothing short of astounding and once again Casa Bacardi always seemed to be at the heart of this great festival.

Our kitchen was just backstage and it has to be said that at times the constant drum and bass did get a little bit LOUD but then I guess the music was not really meant to appeal to a team of ‘slightly elder’ crew, running a backstage catering company. Anyway we absolutely loved being there and the entire crew was so kind and appreciative that it certainly made up for the bass! We are happy to say that the talent and the team at CAPITALIZE London loved us and we have already been booked for Electric Picnic 2013. Needless to say this time we may well be sneaking in a few earplugs. We can’t wait!

You can see more photos and images from Electric picnic here on our blog or check out the Red Radish Facebook page