Red Radish were Phenomenal as Caterers at the Electric Picnic Festival

Dear Wayne, Lucy and the Red Radish team,

Where can I start hey? – RED RADISH WERE PHENOMENAL.

I don’t think I can say thank you enough for what you managed to do for us this weekend. Everyone was singing Red-Radish praises throughout the entire festival and I still have comments about the back-stage and VIP catering through now. Not only was the food the best that the guys had ever tasted, but they were so delighted to have such a lovely catering team to look after them.

I have every faith that Red Radish will soon to become a leading festival catering company if you want to because the team were astounded by you already and they’ve been doing festivals, and eating site catering for about 10 years now.

I honestly cannot thank you enough for what you managed to do for us. I have always believed that good food is the core to a successful, energised and happy team, and I don’t know if you noticed, but our team was buzzing throughout the whole weekend thanks to you.

On a personal level, I wanted to thank you for looking after the artists, Chérie, Ben, Tiernan and myself so well. This was highly appreciated and made sure the core team were happy and it made my job 100 x easier to know that the client, Chérie and Ben were fed and being looked after.

I am so sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye on Monday morning. I really wanted to come and give you all a massive hug! Unfortunately, we were working until 5am on site on Sunday evening  working on stock checks and drinks sales etc  I hope that if I am there next year and if you would still like to come back (as long as we haven’t scared you off that is).

I hope you managed to get some rest and if there is anything, ANYTHING I can do in future, please don’t hesitate to ask.

All the best Wayne and Lucy, have a lovely end to your summer and I hope to see you again at Electric Picnic next year.

Fiona Meynall

Capitalize – London

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