This time our Supper Club is going to be on TV!

With half of the Film Industry in town, why would Red Radish want to miss out? How do you fancy some great food and the opportunity to become a TV star? That’s what is on offer from Red Radish Supper Club next week. Their ‘Secret Supper‘ on Friday May 21st will be featured in a Travel Channel series in which UK television presenter Joanna Sinnott (Below) journeys from the North of Scotland to Southern Portugal – via the Cote d’Azur! Ok – it’s the long way around – but can you blame her?!


Jo will be riding a Triumph Bonneville down through the Mercantour and along the Cote d’Azur, taking in the Cannes Film Festival – and we at FR2DAY intend tipping her off about a ‘Secret Supper’ in the hills. The poor woman will have been ‘wild camping’ for days – so she’ll be famished! What better way to replenish than by gorging from one of Chef Lucy Bird’s delicious menus?


We’d love you to join her – don’t worry the cameras won’t pick up on any bad table manners – they’re there to record Jo wolfing down her meal and chatting with whoever wants to talk to her – about her travels, the Cote d’Azur, the price of cheese – whatever you fancy! She’s also looking for somewhere to sleep – no houses or campsites allowed – just a piece of open ground where she can park her bike and pitch her tent – how’s that for distinctly ‘unluvvie’ behaviour?


There are only a few places left for this broadcast ‘secret supper’ – it’ll be a fun evening – they always are and Lucy is promising a four-course-feast!
Better hurry up and book your table now!
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