UK’s Fastest Growing Festival Caterer

Whilst our early roots might have started in 2005 on the high-end party circuit of Monaco and the French Riviera, it did not take Red Radish long to become established as one of the music and events industries’ favourite crew catering companies. Our initial flurry into the UK crew catering market was in 2012 at Scotland’s Tall Ships Festival in Greenock and our inaugural Glastonbury gigs at Shangri-La and The Common followed this quickly. TV and Film location catering started to arrive, and our South of France party, entertainment and event business continued to growing with A-List industry parties for the likes of Nicole Kidman, Robert Redford and even the Cannes Film Festival premier for The Great Gatsby.

Red Radish is now proud to have a client list of household names, a host of festivals under our belt and teams of chefs creating delicious & freshly cooked food in arenas and stadiums all over Europe. If anyone asked us the secret of our success then we would just have to say that we are crazy about what we do, we love catering and looking after people. We work exceptionally hard and are ABSOLUTELY MENTAL about great food and service!

How lucky are we to have a job and a business like ours!

Red Radish are the Fastest Growing Tour Catering Company in the UK

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