18th Birthday Party

“Teenage kids; always difficult for parties!! They need to be fun with great appropriate food, correct music and preferably no parents, or at least at a low profile if it is still going to be cool. Wayne and Lucy CAN do this and made a wonderful job of my son’s 18th birthday party.

From the BBQ to the buffet and ending with a divine sticky toffee pudding. Everything was perfect. Great ambiance, music noisy but right and I was confident that Wayne would step in if kids ended up being KIDS!!! Everything eaten, tummies importantly lined (before the kids trekked off to a nightclub in Cannes) AND the whole place brilliantly clean and tidy after!!


Helen Mcleod – Grasse

PS: A tip would be to do what we did and retreat to a very far corner of the house where Lucy prepared us a superb dinner for a special eight friends.

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