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Ready,steady, lets get cooking!

This is the bit I like, I’ve been and bought all my lovely ingrediants, they are all sorted in my kitchen, Radio 2 is playing and I’m off!  Mango chutney is so expensive here I am making my own followed by the 3 hour reducing of the infused milk for the kulfi.  Shortbreads next followed by mincing the lamb for the kofta’s and so on.  Late to bed and and early start tomorrow ready for Friday.

So Indian it is then!

So the big question is what to cook for the first party.  Even though Indian is not really my thing I know loads of people struggle to find somewhere to eat it so I’m going to start with that. Indian and Spices and to finish, kulfi ice cream with pistachio and cardamon shortbread followed by ChaiTea.

Here is the full menu –

Malaysian Sweet Potato and Coconut soup Samosa Onion Bhaji

Masala Vada

Chilli Tiger Prawn

Served with a Carrot and Black Mustard Seed Salad Spicy Chicken Masala

Lamb Kofta in a Tomato and Yogurt Sauce


Aloo Gobi

Spiced Pilau Rice

Served with Homemade Mango Chutney, Raita and NaanMango Kulfi with Pistachio & Rosewater Shortbread

Homemade Vodka Chilli Chocolates

Coffee or Chai

Julia Child would have loved it!

My daily run is my thinking time and the thought that jumped into my head today was why not start a supper club here on the Cote D’Azur like all the trendy folk are doing over in London and NY!  So as always my acorn idea Wayne turns into an oak tree idea and we are off again!

A 40th birthday party

“I had my 40th birthday party last October where Wayne and Lucy catered and helped with the arrangements. Everything went so smooth. Before the party we had meetings where I explained what I had imagined: Both regarding the menu, but also regarding the entire set-up.


Cooking is one of my big hobbies; therefore I am a bit fussy regarding food: It was perfect! The food in general was amazing, but also the presentation and timing was perfect. Lucy and her team worked very professional and were doing a fantastic job.


For the party I was worried about how much I could relax and enjoy all my friends. I was having people coming in from all over the world and was hoping to be able to relax without too many worries. I can only say Wayne and his team were fantastic, Wayne is that kind of person who knows you needs even before your realizes them. And in a very pleasant way he makes sure the guests comes to him and not to you with any practical questions that might appear.

It indeed made the evening very special and I can’t remember I have been so relaxed and able to only concentrate on having a great time at any of my other parties before.

I am really happy to give my absolute best recommendations for Lucy and Wayne”.

If you have any further questions you are welcome to contact me via Red Radish

Lone Skadhauge Hubner (Denmark)

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