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If your names not down ….

Sorry for falling off the radar but life has been 100 mph lately but the good news is we have another supper party date.  But not just any old supper party it’s during Cannes Film Festival and it’s being filmed!  Weather permitting it will be a candle lit dinner in our garden, maximum 28 people and the dress code will be “dressy!”  Can’t give too many details but sounds like it should be a lot of fun!  The date is going to be Friday 21st May.  I will post the menu as soon as I have written it but in the meantime you would like to come to come just let me know.

Booking’s for next weekend

The bookings have started to come in for next weekend which is great. Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to book Friday or Saturday.  I have been asked a lot about payment and I know what the Brit’s are like about “doing the right thing!” So I am going to give a guide as people want to know.  So for next weekend guide will be 30 Euros.  It will vary as the cost and hours of cooking vary too.  Can’t wait to get started on this menu, my kind of food!

April 23rd & Saturday 24th

We reckon if this doesn’t get your taste buds going then nothing will! The biggest challenge with the homemade truffles is stopping Wayne and the children eating them all as fast as I can make them!

Kir Royale 

Canapés of Parmesan and Rosemary Shortbread with Roast Cherry Tomato and Feta

Chestnut Veloute with Celeriac and Smoked Bacon

Goats cheese Soufflés with Red Onion and Balsamic Marmalade,

Pan-fried Duck Breast with Redcurrant and Red Wine Jus

Rhubarb Crumble with Vanilla and Ginger Ice-cream

Homemade White Chocolate Truffles and Espresso

A day of rest

Well I think it went well! I have met some new friends, laughed a lot and today is Sunday.  Time to get out my deckchair, hit a wonderful French beach and put my feet up. Can’t wait to start writing the menu for the next supper club!

Sat up too late with friends!

In a way I am glad we have less coming to tonight’s supper club.  Eighteen this evening and that will be the limit.  Every 1st of January my resolution is learn to say “No,” but I never do.  Luckily I have most things prepped so it should be a bit easier today….better get moving.  I love the smell of the roasted spices in my kitchen.

First night tonight!

Started nice and early and as the day has gone on more and more people have called and now I have 28 for tonight!  A manic day and a bit of a rush at the last minute but the dining room looks lovely with masses of candles and bunches of wild flowers from my over grown garden at the moment. Spices out. Onion bhaji’s, samosas, soup,curries and all ready….here we go!

Ready,steady, lets get cooking!

This is the bit I like, I’ve been and bought all my lovely ingrediants, they are all sorted in my kitchen, Radio 2 is playing and I’m off!  Mango chutney is so expensive here I am making my own followed by the 3 hour reducing of the infused milk for the kulfi.  Shortbreads next followed by mincing the lamb for the kofta’s and so on.  Late to bed and and early start tomorrow ready for Friday.

So Indian it is then!

So the big question is what to cook for the first party.  Even though Indian is not really my thing I know loads of people struggle to find somewhere to eat it so I’m going to start with that. Indian and Spices and to finish, kulfi ice cream with pistachio and cardamon shortbread followed by ChaiTea.

Here is the full menu –

Malaysian Sweet Potato and Coconut soup Samosa Onion Bhaji

Masala Vada

Chilli Tiger Prawn

Served with a Carrot and Black Mustard Seed Salad Spicy Chicken Masala

Lamb Kofta in a Tomato and Yogurt Sauce


Aloo Gobi

Spiced Pilau Rice

Served with Homemade Mango Chutney, Raita and NaanMango Kulfi with Pistachio & Rosewater Shortbread

Homemade Vodka Chilli Chocolates

Coffee or Chai

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