BOOM! – It’s Official! Five weeks at Boomtown Fair for Red Radish!

Well, we guess it kind of makes sense really. It’s obvious. Why the hell wouldn’t BOOMTOWN FAIR, (the UK’s fastest growing festival) choose RED RADISH, the UK’s fastest growing festival crew and artist catering company to feed and look after their hardworking troops and talent?

Yes, we are pleased to announce that yesterday it was confirmed that Red Radish will be moving to Boomtown for five weeks in the summer for what will literally be the longest we have been in one place for a couple of years.

We are looking forward to unpacking our kitchens, setting up our marquees and ‘settling’ down for just over a month of crew-catering madness at Matterley! Boomtown, the festival described by the UK’s Independent Newspaper as having a reputation for being ‘gnarly, but surprisingly polished’ (ring any bells?) started just a few years ago and literally hasn’t stopped growing since.


Boomtown Fair takes place in a specially constructed town near Winchester, spanning across eight separate ‘Districts’. This exciting festival channels all its efforts into arts, crafts, and all things creative with an eclectic mix of music that features everything from dub, roots, jungle, punk, bass music through to ska, techno and reggae.

Due to the high volumes (over 30,000) of crew and artists meals that need preparing, Red Radish will be setting up separate catering operations at either end of the amazing fictional town, that pushes the boundaries of imagination by having its own mayoral elections, passports and convoluted political history.


Also, from a more-good-news-point-of-view; if your not one of the talented artists (or insane crew working minimum 18 hour days!) for one of those ‘special wristbands’, then worry no longer, because for the first time ever you will be able to sample our delicious food out in the midst of the festival. We have an exciting little something up our sleeves for what will be our first ever venture into selling street food and Red Radish can’t wait to be amongst it even more than usual. – WATCH THIS SPACE!