MIPCOM – Cannes based Catering, Receptions and Canapes Delivery

If you are heading to Cannes for MIPCOM 2012 which kicks off the Cannes conference season on October 12th then you will almost definitely be attending or hosting a champagne reception party or two. Being one of the few English speaking catering companies based in Cannes means that Red Radish can help out quickly with whatever you need to make your event a success. See what our customers say!

As well as organising the entire party with the best food in town, we can also help with details such as waiters, waitresses and barman plus of course glass and equipment hire. We even have some of the best venues and yachts secretly tucked away and just waiting to be booked. Our Canapés, bowl food and buffet delivery is always a hit at every conference and our prices for food, champagne and a selection of great wines fit almost every budget. Call Red Radish on +44 7532 427033 for a free and fast quotation and make sure your MIPCOM party turns out to be the talk of the town.