Festival Crew and Artist Catering for Shangri-La at Glastonbury

Some would say that there are possibly easier places to cut your festival catering ‘teeth’ than Glastonbury’s infamous Shangri-La. In fact, no caterer has ever returned and many have literally sunk head-first into the infamous Somerset mud along the way. Robin Collings from Shangri-La first contacted us back in 2012 and explained how he had heard good things about Red Radish from the guys at Block9 who we had catered for on a couple of events on-off festivals. Robin explained how they were looking for crew and artist catering over a month long period. Numbers would be around 500 per service and they wanted a good Full-English breakfast option followed by some great lunch and dinner choices. Queues had to be kept to a minimum and the food needed to be hearty and substantial as their production team worked incredibly hard, especially during the build and the break.

Glastonbury Crew Catering

Red Radish needed to supply a complete field-kitchen including everything from the ovens through to the knives and forks and even the kitchen-sink(s)! They were obviously worried after the problems they had suffered with catering companies in the past, but our organised approach and excellent references gave them the confidence to award us the gig for 2013 and guess what?…….. We went back in 2014 as well. In Debs Armstrong’s very own words Red Radish were the first crew catering company EVER to not break on site!