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So what exactly is the difference between a cook and a chef we hear you asking? The answer quite simply is that we are not actually sure! One thing we do rather sadly know though is that 100% of restaurants in the South of France, particularly Cannes, Monaco and Nice that we visit all definitely have what they call a ‘chef’ and in about 80% of those restaurants we eat and usually end up feeling disappointed by how bad the food was. It is pretty much the same back in the London and the UK. At Red Radish we have both highly trained chefs and experienced cooks and the one thing that we like to think they have all got in common is that they are good, So good in fact that we nearly always  get asked back wherever we go.

‘The books’ describe a Chef as someone who preps and cooks meals in either restaurants or at receptions, villas, parties or events. Their food can often be exclusive to a  region, catering just Provencal for example, and some can be quite specific when plying their trade and deal with individual elements of a meal such as pastries, sauces, soups, salads, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish.

On large scale events, festivals, banquets and weddings, the Head Chef will often be there just to instruct other chefs in preparation, cooking, garnishing and presentation of food as well as managing a team of other kitchen staff responsible for making sure things happen effectively and on time. The Red Radish chefs and cooks often spend weeks planning menus, organising kitchen supplies and making sure they have all the equipment they need to make sure an event goes exactly to plan.

Basically, the next time you need caterers, cooks or chefs for your catering, and don’t want to do it yourself then give Red Radish a call. We are happy to look after as little as 6 guests in an exclusive French Riviera villa, as we are 1000 festival goers in a Greenfield site. Just make sure you let us know if you require a chefs or cooks. We may well end up sending the same people but at least we will know what to put on your invoice! We also promise you won’t be disappointed.

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