Planning a Shabby-Chic Wedding in Saint Tropez

We are starting to think about planning the exciting wedding in September of a lovely couple currently living in Southern India. The venue will be in an old family Mas just outside St Tropez. There are lots of things to organise and every details of this French Riviera shabby chic marriage promises to be wonderful in every way.  The catering, champagne and wine, photography, flowers, make-up and every tiny detail needs to be arranged to perfection which is why they chose Red Radish

They are looking for a kind of an India-meets-France theme, and the guests will come from India, France and America so are sure to know what is and isn’t authentic. The wedding “ceremony” will be a scavenger hunt/trivia session culminating in the bride and groom’s grandfathers leading the marriage vows.

Red, white and rose wine promises to flow as the guest’s party on down until well after the sun sets on the old port of Saint Tropez. We originally spoke about cooking Dahl, lentils and sambar over an open fire, but their friends in India insisted on one thing: They wanted good French food and where better than at a Red Radish party?

After champagne cocktails and canapés they are dreaming of a sit-down dinner with two or three options. Their brief is something French, something delicious, and (because the groom insists) something cooked on an open flame.

Dessert will be a Tarte Tropezian which is the bride’s ‘favourite dessert EVER’ and where better to tuck into a giant one of these than in St Tropez itself!

The delightful house outside Ramatuelle is not at all equipped to host big parties but that is never a problem to Red Radish as we are used to working in venues with very little catering facilities.  Our chefs often find themselves in the middle of a festival field somewhere so are used to just being organised and taking everything from the tea spoons to the ovens and refrigeration with them.

What the clients can promise though is some beautiful outdoor space, wonderful views and a backdrop that will perfectly suit one of our Shabby Chic ‘Chocolat’ style weddings. It is Lucy’s all time favourite movie (not just because of Johnny Depp!) and we absolutely can’t wait for the big day.

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