The Joy of Running a Catering Company in Provence

I absolutely LOVE food and the great thing about running a catering company between London and the French Riviera is that Chef Lucy (as she now likes to be called after watching too much Gordon Ramsey!) constantly gets an excuse to cook with the very best ingredients available, whilst I just hang around the kitchen in my capacity as the official ‘Red Radish Taster’. I was therefore obviously delighted when a client looking for a private villa chef recently Googled ‘French Riviera Catering Company’ and ended up contacting Red Radish about creating them a ‘French Taster Menu’ for a birthday party at their beautiful rental villa in St Paul de Vence.

The thought of eating I mean serving such delicacies as Pan-Fried Fois Gras and hand-dived scallops in their shells set my taste buds tingling to almost Philharmonic proportions.  It was as much as I could do to concentrate whilst typing up Lucy’s delicious taster menu as she constantly and rather meanly reminded me not to get too excited because the catering was for a clients birthday party and not actually for me. That’s right; I could choose the wine, walk around the wonderful Forville Market in Cannes picking the best produce money could buy, but I was not actually going to be allowed to sit down and enjoy any of it! Surely she could not be that mean, could she?

Why not find out here….

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