TV Super Club – References

Charles said:
May 23, 2010

“Fantastic night, great food, great atmosphere, great setting, perfect.
Cant wait for the next one. Thankyou Lucy for the fantastic food, and
thankyou Wayne for being a great host”

karima said:
May 24, 2010

“And it was an amaziing evening in a wonderful place and a great staff,
and musicians, Märta etc, Thanks Lucy and Big up”

Chris France said:
May 25, 2010

“Fab night, I ended up asleep on the sofa with a cigar and got replaced
by a fat bloke! Great company nice food, under the stars, what more could you want!”

mediagenie said:
May 26, 2010

“Lucy, Wayne, and the entire family did a wonderful job, making us feel at home.
The food was delicious, the music was superb, the people were exceptional.
I look forward to another one”

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