Artist Catering and Riders for bands including Razorlight, The Feeling and Texas.

Another great event catering job Red Radish handled during the course of  summer 2012 was to supply the artist backstage catering and alcohol riders at a music festival in Hampshire. Bands included Razorlight, The Feeling, Magic Numbers and Texas and as usual their management company were delighted with not only the great food but also our friendly service. Bands tend to travel with quite an entourage including production, sound and  lighting plus often a large bunch of family and friends who all need looking after and feeding. It is often an an ever-changing requirement that requires not only an adaptable team but also meticulous planning

Timing, privacy, quality and enthusiasm are all also essential in making sure (sometimes) demanding artists and band members are 100% happy and ready to sing their hearts out. Rock stars and warm beer are not after all two likely bed-fellows so every detail needs to be totally perfect and usually in a situation where the most basic of equipment is often not quite to hand . We however love the challenge of keeping everyone happy as we try to juggle the rest of the crew’s requirements around the lead-singers passion and express wishes for a Vegemite sandwich and an ice cold bottle of Brazilian Skol beer at being delivered to his dressing room at exactly 7.43 in the evening. That is after all Showbiz!

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