Music Support: A charity by the industry for the industry

When putting on the artist catering at Download Festival, we came across a backstage gem in the shape of Music Support. Red Radish will be supporting them wherever possible.

This charity was set up in 2016 by veterans of the music industry, people that know better than anyone how the bright and colourful world they operate in can become a dark and lonely place.

Our partnership with Festival Republic made us aware of this brilliant charity and their dedicated volunteers. We were delighted to be their neighbours at Download Festival, where they kicked off their festival efforts for the summer.

Music Support’s ‘Safe Hubs’ provide sanctuary for any artists or crew at some of the largest festivals across the UK.

Festival Republic are working with the charity to ensure they have a home at most of their high profile events, so Red Radish will hopefully be making sure they’re well fed too.

The volunteers at their alcohol and drug free hubs help out anyone that might be suffering from mental health or addiction issues, or just need a bit of a time out.

We love what they’re doing to create safe places in the hectic backstage environment, so their volunteers will be supported by Red Radish whenever our paths cross.

Radishes are used to the hustle and bustle of festival life, but it’s an intense atmosphere, as full of stresses and strains as it is fun and games.

Find out more about Music Support by clicking here or you can drop them an email on helpline@musicsupport.org.

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